I Tre Campanili, a 60 years old love history of olive oil fragrance
Published: April22020

I Tre Campanili, a 60 years old love history of olive oil fragrance

Anniversary for the Andria company that has renewed its image for the occasion

Time goes by, and goes by for the better. It does not scratch, or affect, but strengthens, forges, contributes to make our olive trees tangled and attached to the land with their even more secular roots. Today I Tre Campanili, an olive company founded in Andria in 1957, is celebrating sixty years of life. Sixty years of experience, which hold responsible. Years of vitality and sap of those who still want to grow up. This year is a diamond wedding, but the anniversary is being celebrated with other preciousness: the olive scent, the oil lightness, with its delicate or strong character, with its traditional touches, with the organic nuance, delicious and flavoured nuances – To do so, the company wants to freshen up the look. Bottles and packages have been covered with a new beauty, further enhancing the product inside. Even the logo, always faithful to its origin, has been restyled, pushing back complex shapes but shining in a modern and fashion graphics, as in a line-art.

The Coratina oil bottles are labelled with symbols tightly bound to Apulia. For the “Nectar” line, the octagon shape, a straight reference to the form of Castel del Monte, for the “Robusto” and “Delicato” oils, a circle, a sort of stylised stone mill that recalls the olive processing steps. For the “Classico” there is a drop, that thread of precious oil that slides down from the bottle, ready to season and enhance flavours. For the “Bio” line there is a sun lighting the olives maturation that make them so valuable and special. For the “Dop” production there is a rooster, an apotropaic icon and symbol of victory. Graphic has been revisited also for flavoured oil packaging, with images recalling the essences with the scent of oil, giving a touch of more liveliness. Thus, I Tre Campanili keeps on doing its amazing job, with love and dedication in this territory, ready to tell again this genuine Apulian story.