I Tre Campanili, a 60 years old love history of olive oil fragrance




I Tre Campanili, a 60 years old love history of olive oil fragrance

Anniversary for the company of Andria that for the occasion renewed its image

Time passes and goes by in the best of ways. It does not scratch, it does not shrink, but it strengthens and forges, it helps in making those rooted to this land and majestic olive trees a little more secular. Sixty are the years that we celebrated at I Tre Campanili, olive grove business born in Andria in 1957. Sixty years of experience behind, which is felt and in a responsible way. Years with the vitality and lymph of those who still want to grow. This year is a diamond wedding, but the anniversary is celebrated with other precious things: the scent of olives, the lightness of the oil, its delicate or decisive character, with its traditional lines, with “Bio2 or with the most delicious and aromatized ones. And to celebrate this, the company decided to cool off and renew its look. The bottles and the packaging have been coated with a new beauty, enhancing the product even more inside. Even the logo, faithful to its origin, now has its own restyling, freeing itself from complex shapes and shining in modern and stylized graphics, as in a line-art.

Characterizing the “Coratina” oil bottles are symbols that are indissolubly linked to Apulia. For the “Nectar” the shape of an octagon, referring to the shape of Castel del Monte, for “Robusto” and “Delicato” oils “a circle, a kind of stylized stone grinder that recalls the working phases of olives. For the “classic” there is an image of a drop of that precious oil that slides down from the bottle, ready to season and exalt flavors. For the “Bio” line there is a sun to distinguish the product, enlighten the aging of the olives and make them so precious and special. For the “DOP” line, the effigy of a rooster, an apotropean icon and a victory symbol appear. Graphics also revisited for flavor packs, with images that in their visuals recall the essences that smell the oil, giving it a touch of extra liveliness. Thus, I Tre Campanili continues to be renewed in its activity, with the love and dedication of this region, ready to tell a sincere Apulian story.

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