We are a big Family

We are a big Family

Our history is as solid as our roots – all the way back to1957. It tells the work and the passion of many olive growers united in the name of I Tre Campanili. We were 20 once, today we are in 250, holding tight as before. Our cooperation brings great results.

We are a big family and we produce, together, extra virgin olive oil obtained exclusively from the drupes of the “Coratina” cultivar. We do it with full respect for the environment and the consumer. We do take care of our olive groves with love and make the most of good practices and knowledge inherited from the family experience, from the wisdom of the farming world.

In 2005, we took the path of modernisation and mechanisation: new production lines has entered in our factory, renovated in the same year. Andria, the town of the oil of Apulia.

But the result does not change – Committed to quality, we select and transform the raw material – the olives – with the utmost care. This is how things stand since 1957. And this is why, today as yesterday, our oil makes the difference.