Olive growers by vocation

Olive growers by vocation

We love the good land, we celebrate it every day.
We leave the house at the crack of dawn to take care of our olive groves. We follow the oil production cycle from beginning to end.

We pick the olives from the trees and select the best ones only – we touch and feel the best olives eyes closed, they smell of oil. After harvesting, we take them to our mill for milling. We squeeze them and process them cold.

From olives to oil, it’s only  about a short step – twenty-four hours. It’s a matter of quality, drupes must not get oxidised. That’s why our products, in all their expressions, keep the organoleptic balance unaltered, the authentic flavour pleasing even the most refined palates – such scenario repays us of every effort, sacrifice, just like a warm hug.

Genuine passion, daily work and patient waiting are the base ingredients of the peerless goodness that features our “Coratina” extra virgin oil, just like it used long ago – the oil with a wealth of Taste nuances.